We have gathered some of our most popular questions to help shed some light on what to expect for your upcoming relocation. If you would like more information on these details or any other services, please feel free to contact us directly.


What is Dutch LIFE?

Dutch LIFE is our relocation plan. It is specially designed to cover all the essentials needed to make your transition to the Netherlands clear, easy and stress-free. See our Relocation Page for a breakdown of what we cover with you.

Do you provide customized service options or do you only have pre-set packages?

We can do both! Our popular services come in 3 packages: The Administrative, Standard, and the VIP. Each package provides a variety of services at a flat, discounted rate. We also have these services, and many more, that can be added to any of our packages or be provided individually to offer a more customized approach.

What is a 30% Tax Ruling?

The 30% Tax Ruling is a tax-free allowance that is considered to be compensation for expenses that foreign employees incur for working outside their home country. Basically, this means a (eligible) foreign employee is granted 30% of their income tax free. Contact us to see if you qualify to apply for this benefit.


What types of Schools are available for my children?

In the Netherlands, there are 4 types of schools that are provided: Dutch State Schools, International Private Schools, European Schools, and International Community Schools. Depending on the type of education you wish your child to have, we can help you narrow your search based on your needs and budget. Please keep in mind most of the schools in the Netherlands tend to fill up quickly and may have a long waitlist. Contact one of our Relocation Specialists to have the best chance of securing a school today.

My child is too young to go to school just yet. Can you help me find the best day care provider?

Yes, we can! From our experience we know that Dutch childcare centres are high in demand and waitlists can be long, therefore our approach is to assess each childcare request on a case-by-case basis. Even if you are looking for home-care, we can help. Be sure to let your Relocation Specialist know what you need.


When looking for a home, where are the best places to live?

Honestly, this question is based on your preferences. Our Housing Agents are very knowledgeable in the Netherlands housing market. They will assess your housing needs and provide neighborhood recommendations based on your criteria.

If I can’t find the right home before I move, are you able to help with temporary housing and furnishings?

When traveling to a new country, it can be difficult to find the right place at the right time. We can work with you to provide temporary housing for up to 6 months to give you plenty of time to find what you are looking for in your next home. If you happen to find an unfurnished apartment, we can also help you secure rental furniture to make your transition seamless.


Can you help with relocating my pet?

We understand pets are an important part of your life and the thought of moving them can be a traumatic experience. We can provide you with the best plan and offer your pet the best possible relocation care. If you have a pet you would like to relocate, please let us know.

I need assistance with my immigration paperwork. Do you offer services to set this up?

From legalizing your immigration paperwork to setting up your registration for your new home, we can assist with putting all of this in motion.

Are you able to transport all of my belongings?

Transporting your things is made easy with our network of removal companies. We can transport anything from just a few boxes to full family homes. We can also assist with the shipping and import of your automobile. Be sure to speak to your Relocation Specialist for more details and for future quotes.