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We’re specialists in expat relocation, housing, schooling and tax in the Netherlands. We have a vast array of experience regarding all aspects of living in the Netherlands. From applications for work visa and residence permits, to finding a new home, we help expats settle into Dutch life. Our team is here to make your life easier and to help you feel like a ’local’ in the Netherlands. Learn more about our dedicated team below.


Our Team

 Roz Fremder Director
“I find the directness of the Dutch refreshing. You always know where you stand with a Dutchie! That coupled with the general tolerance and acceptance of the culture make the Netherlands an ideal place to call home!”
Roz was born and raised in a small mid-western town, but always had big dreams of travelling and living abroad. After relocating to several places within the United States, Roz finally had the opportunity to move internationally to the Netherlands in 2008. Roz had 17 years banking industry experience in marketing and project management but was looking for a career change. She found just what she was looking for with Expat HELP!

Roz now combines her project management skills with her passion for her new home city to ensure every relocation is a success.You might also have seen Roz on the popular television program House Hunter's International as she has appeared in several episodes as the real estate expert. She's also been on the Amsterdam editions of Tiny House World and Living Abroad. Roz's goal is for everyone to settle into life in Amsterdam quickly and enjoy the many things the city has to offer!



 Maurice Pronk Commercial Manager
“Amsterdam is the most beautiful city in the world! We help expats with a soft landing into The Netherlands so they can focus on their new job and enjoy living and working here to the max.”
Maurice has lived his whole life close to Amsterdam and feels strongly connected with the city in many ways. Working in the city centre was always something he wanted. Maurice has over 18 years of sales experience in the B2B and B2C market. He joined Expat Help after working closely with them for almost 5 years. Maurice experienced the dedication and commitment of the Expat Help team first hand. He believes the company has the potential to grow and become the biggest privately owned full-service relocation company in The Netherlands. Maurice is convinced that delivering “personal high quality service” has to remain the main focus of everything Expat Help does for their clients and families. Maurice is committed to creating the best “Relocation Experience” and to always exceeding client expectations.



 Ronny de Randamie Financial manager
“Tourists, tourists and more tourists! Ronny likes the tourists coming from all over the worldto the Netherlands. He believes they bring so much happiness and energy to the city. AND, being the finance-minded individual he is, he also appreciates the revenue they represent!”
Ronny was born and raised in the Republic of Surinam and came to the Netherlands after living and studying in San Francisco, USA. Ronny has worked for over 25 years as a business and finance manager. He is a versatile and highly accomplished senior financial professional with experience in the areas of financial management, internal auditing, strategic planning, policy development and cost control. Ronny is now happy to be a part of the international team at Expat Help, supporting expats as they settle-in to their new life in the Netherlands!



 Cathrina Lein Relocation Consultant
“People, bikes, canals and cafes make it feel like a home away from home in no time. I loved it from the first day.’
Born and raised in a small town in the south of Germany, Cathrina always felt the urge to experience life in another country, preferably in a big busy city with lots to do. So she packed her bags and started her overseas travels by studying in Dundee, Scotland and Cambridge, England before completing her studies at the University of Groningen in the North of the Netherlands. Cathrina then moved to the ‘big city’ of Amsterdam, and loves the everyday cycle to work along the worlds famous canals. Being an expat herself, Cathrina has a true empathy for internationals coming to the Netherlands and goes the extra mile to ensure a good start in the never boring city of Amsterdam.



 Herma ten Doesschate Housing consultant
“The most beautiful thing we learned from living abroad is that we became very close as a family and that we can make friends everywhere!'
Herma started her working-life in Amsterdam and automatically fell in love with the city. After having worked for a bank for 17 years she moved with her family to Switzerland. There she was asked by their own relocation consultant to come and work for them. She loved working for the relocation company in the Zug-Zürich area. Coming back to the Netherlands, Herma wanted to make use of her own expat- and relocation experience by helping expats making the transition as smooth as possible and making them feel ‘at home’ in the Netherlands.



 Katya Rosadiuk Relocation Consultant
“Amsterdam is truly a global city yet still feels like a village. Biking or boating around you get the best combination of old and new mixed in with a vibrancy that you don’t get anywhere else in Europe.”
Katya is Canadian-Brazilian and has been living in Amsterdam since 2003. Having been an expat herself and worked in relocation since 2005, Katya knows what is essential and vital to adjusting to life in a new country and city. Katya loves Amsterdam and believes this is the easiest city in the world to adjust to as an expat. And as a mother to two small children, Katya takes extra special care towards families to ensure that they have a smooth and happy transition into their new city.



 Femke Lalleman Relocation Consultant
“Amsterdam is very open to all different cultures, I absolutely love the city and I'm sure you do as well'
Femke is a Dutch globetrotter and has worked and travelled around the world. During her experience abroad, she met her English husband in Australia. When they came back to Europe they started their live together in Amsterdam where Femke relocated her husband. For 15 years they lived in 'Oud West'* and recently moved to Haarlem where they enjoy going to the beach with their two children. They are raising their kids bilingual which they find very important.

Femke started her career in the hospitality branche where she organised events. The last few years she has been working as a project manager. Her enthusiasm combined with an eye for detail and skills in project management is a value for our clients.

* A loved area for many due to a diversity of restaurants, design shops en cafés. There are so many things to do, that you will come back every time.



 Aletha Simpson Relocation Consultant UK
“After landing into London safely, you'll immediately fall in love with its vibrant multicultural atmosphere and like the Netherlands want to prepare for the sometimesvery cold weather. Aletha believes that London is a remarkable juxtaposition of history,cultural diversity, contemporary trends and corporate charisma, all mixed into one attraction."
Aletha is passionate about working with relocating clients and offers a wealth of experience across the international relocation industry. Having worked with expats globally for many years, Aletha fully grasps the anxieties of transitioning from one location to another. Aletha is keen to welcome clients and their families to her home country and walk them through London's finest boroughs and must-see attractions. She is undoubtedly recognized for her professional charm and rapport with clients. Aletha’s aim is to help you settle into life in an extraordinary city, where you will meet new people and thrive in both a modern, authentic and entrepreneurial setting. In addition to Aetha’s London expertise, she also shares extensive knowledge of relocating expats into the Netherlands and introducing them to her favorite Dutch neighborhoods and attractions!



 Eeg de Veer Housing manager
“Amsterdam’s main attraction is the city of Amsterdam itself!”
Coming from the south of Holland, Eeg originally came up to Amsterdam just to study a couple of years and then return south. Instead, he fell in love with the city, and stayed permanently. Having worked for years with foreign visitors, tourists and corporate guests, Eeg knows exactly how Amsterdam life is for non-Dutchies, and how to make them feel at home.
When you ask Eeg what you should definitely see when visiting Amsterdam, he would advise to experience the city itself. Mingle in, wander around the different neighborhoods, and be part of one of the world’s most beautiful, tolerant, and easy-going villages in the world.



 Adinda Ebbe Relocation support
“After having lived abroad, I fell in love with my home city all over again!"
Born and raised in the Jordaan, Amsterdam's popular and picturesque part at the canals, Adinda grew up as one of six children. However, they were never the typical Dutch family. With her mum coming from a Jewish family and a father who grew up in Indonesia, Adinda learned about different cultures and habits from the very beginning. Adinda's interest of different cultures, which she was brought up with, never stopped. After finishing high school, she left her home country and worked as an Au Pair in France. After marrying Adinda relocated her family to Hawaii and New Zealand for several years. It was during this time she realized how challenging it can be to move to another country! While she appreciated all the help she could get at the time, it was difficult not knowing her way around. Adinda now wants to make expats feel welcome and at home in her favorite city of Amsterdam, in which she is so grateful to live again!



 Steve Fremder Organization Development Officer
“Many of the world’s cities I’ve been to make the claim, but Amsterdam truly sets the standard for a global village. It combines the style of a small town while offering big city amenities.“
Steve grew up in a mid-sized city in Ohio, the heartland of the United States. In many ways the size, rural settings and flat landscapes of Ohio remind him of his new home in the Netherlands. He has been an expat himself, having lived and worked in the Netherlands and Thailand. Human resources, organization development and systems/process design are his professional areas of concentration. Besides his current role with Expat Help, he was the Director of Operations and Staffing for a charity in Chiang Mai, Thailand and the Global Director of HR Systems, Processes and Recruiting for a multi-national chemical company in Amsterdam.



 Marike van der Tol Housing Consultant
“I really enjoy working with people of different backgrounds and assisting them in settling in. Recognizing the differences in cultures and introducing expats to the Netherlands and Dutch culture, is what I really enjoy.”
Marike always felt more European than Dutch and it has been reflected in her studies of International Organisations where she worked with people with different cultures and backgrounds. Marike started her international journey with an internship in Barcelona. Later, she moved with her three children to Toronto Canada without them speaking any English! Another move then took them to Melbourne Australia. Marike knows what it feels like to settle in a different country with a family and the adjustments and patience it takes to find a new home. Due to Marike’s expat journey, she approaches each housing tour with empathy which results in the best home for you and your family.


 Erica Ackerman Relocation Consultant
“I've loved every minute of travelling around the world, but I’m happy now to call Amsterdam my home“
Erica is British and worked for over 20 years in the British Diplomatic Service. She’s lived all over the world from Latin America to Africa, from North America to South East Asia and then the Netherlands, Latvia and back to Amsterdam – a total of 9 countries and 18 house moves! Having travelled so extensively, both as a single employee, married, and married with a family, she thinks she’s experienced nearly all the scenarios that expats face when moving country. Now that her own travelling has stopped, she takes pleasure in helping you to settle in quickly and start enjoying life in Holland.


 Bas Bakker Housing consultant
“Amsterdam, a booming city with the most amazing opportunities for everyone!“
With over 8 years of experience, Bas knows who and where to go for the perfect house. With his vast network of brokers, agents and landlords, Bas strives to find you the perfect home in your new city. Bas works hard to make your move a pleasant and memorable one. He absolutely loves the excitement that he sees from his clients when he finds them their perfect home.



 Ellen de Muinck Keizer Housing consultant
“The difference between finding a house, and finding a home - is the guidance you receive while looking. Someone familiar with the city, but also with the customs of a country helps not only in identifying options - but also in knowing about the details of living in a certain neighbourhood, or city.“
Ellen de Muinck Keizer has seen both sides of the relocation process - as an outbound accompanying spouse, as well as inbound repatriation. Together with her knowledge about the Dutch market - and in particular The Hague and its surrounding areas - clients are assured of knowledge, expertise and empathy when working with Ellen in their search for a home, be it to rent, let, purchase or sell.


Our Team

  •  Roz Fremder Director
  •  Maurice Pronk Commercial Manager
  •  Ronny de Randamie Financial manager
  •  Herma ten Doesschate Housing Consultant
  •  Cathrina Lein Relocation Consultant
  •  Katya Rosadiuk Relocation Consultant
  •  Femke Lalleman Relocation Consultant
  •  Aletha Simpson Relocation Consultant UK
  •  Eeg de Veer Housing manager
  •  Adinda Ebbe Relocation support
  •  Steve Fremder Organization Development Officer
  •  Francine Mathot Administrative support
  •  Erica Ackerman Relocation Consultant
  •  Tara Alapiessa Housing Consultant
  •  Marike van der Tol Housing Consultant
  •  Bas Bakker Housing Consultant
  •  Ellen de Muinck Keizer Housing Consultant

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