We look forward to guiding you through your international relocation experience. Our Dutch LIFE program will make your relocation easy and understandable.

Our support starts from the moment you decide to relocate to the Netherlands and continues until you are comfortably settled in your new home and its surroundings. We are on-call even after your arrival so you will always have someone to turn to. Our relocation plan, Dutch LIFE, is designed to give you the most relevant information in a logical way. This will ensure you know what to expect during each phase of your personal relocation.

Serkan S.


Expat Help also helped us with the residence permit application of my wife recently. Everything was perfect, on time and extremely satisfactory. I was very happy with my experiences with Expat Help and definitely recommend it to all.

Dutch LIFE has four parts which correspond with the key phases of relocation.

  • 1


    Basic, essential information to familiarize yourself with life in the Netherlands.

    • Introduction to Dutch LIFE- Our Relocation Guide to the Netherlands
    • Discuss your needs and create a suitable step-by-step plan
    • Overview of your Relocation team where we assign you a designated Relocation Specialist
    • Asses your expectation and provide clarity of what life will be like in the Netherlands
  • 2


    Launching your personal plan and getting ready for the relocation.

    • Advice on what to prepare in your home country before you leave
    • Manage immigration process and submit employment / residence permit application
    • Advice and administrative support on acquiring 30% tax ruling
    • Search Dutch property market for a new home that suits you
  • 3


    Arriving in the Netherlands and taking care of the formalities.

    • Personal appointment scheduling and attendance (house viewings, banking etc.)
    • Accompany you to Expat Center (Dutch Immigration Service/Municipality)
    • Assistance finding schools/childcare and other family matters
  • 4


    Settling into your new home and neighborhood.

    • Advise on how to identify local service providers, insurance companies, doctors etc.
    • Provide partner support and/or employment advice
    • Research local (sports) clubs, cultural activities and other personal interests
    • Cultural awareness information and advice on Dutch language courses
    • Continued face-to-face support to evaluate how you are settling in