The Dutch tax system is efficient, but not always easy to navigate. Our aim is to help you understand what tax you are paying and why.

We assist you in keeping your tax related paperwork in order. We advise you on special aspects and advantages that can have an effect on your tax, such as the Dutch 30% tax ruling. Check our Q&A page for more details on Dutch 30% tax ruling.

Gordon P.

Direct Expat

For the last 5 years, the tax department of Expat Help has prepared and submitted my annual tax return here in the Netherlands; I have found their service to be first class. Overall a quick, efficient and thoroughly professional job is done by Expat Help.

Dutch TAX is our selection of focused services aimed at providing assistance in tax related matters in the Netherlands. The services are developed taking into account specific needs related to expats.

  • Submissions of annual Dutch tax returns for expats and locals.
  • Requesting preliminary tax rebates (e.g. buying a house) for expats and locals.
  • 30% tax ruling information and assistance in applications for both companies and individuals.
  • Transferring an existing 30% tax ruling in the event of an employer change.