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House and bicycle


Finding your perfect new home can be time consuming and frustrating, especially when navigating a foreign housing market. Our team of housing experts are there to minimize the hassles and maximize the use of your valuable time. We will help you understand the Dutch property market and familiarize you with local neighbourhoods. Our aim is to support you throughout the whole settling process, allowing you to enjoy the experience! As your single point of access to the entire Dutch rental market, we ensure you find a house that makes you feel at home.

Home Purchase

Foreigners can purchase property in the Netherlands, whether they remain residents or live remotely. 

Short Stay Coordination

Looking for expat-friendly, temporary housing options in the Netherlands? We've got you covered!

Home Rental

Rental contracts in the Netherlands are pro-tenant but difficult to enter into - it is important to understand your rights.

Don't Navigate It Alone.

There is a housing crisis in the Netherlands at the moment. Time and time again, we receive calls from expats who thought they could find a place on their own. After a few weeks, they come to understand the severity of this situation and call us for help. Don't wait until it costs you precious time and money to do the right thing, and hire an expert to help you navigate the current Dutch housing crisis.

What Our Clients Say

House and bicycle in the Netherlands

Nicholas M.

Very professional and personalized service. Got the apartment a couple of days after the viewing appointment. Also help negotiating the contract and checking that everything was in order.
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