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Moving abroad


We look forward to guiding you throughout your international relocation journey. Our Dutch Life program is designed to support you before, during, and after your arrival in your new home country. Our support starts from the moment you decide to relocate until you are comfortably and confidently settled in your new home and surrounding community. We are always available even after you have settled in.

Highly Skilled Migrant VISAs

You need a residence permit to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant. 

Partner VISAs

For partners/long-term relationships of Dutch citizens, a partner VISA would be required. 


The Dutch American Friendship Treaty is an agreement that allows US entrepreneurs and investors to obtain a Dutch residence permit if they make an investment of at least €4,500.

EU Partner Verification

For family members and relatives of nationals of the Union who are not nationals of the European Union.

Dependent VISAs

For children or spouse of an immigrant living in the Netherlands on a residence permit.

30% Ruling

A tax break available to certain expat employees who move to the Netherlands.

Relocation & Arrival Services

Services include: Registration with the Municipality, Biometrics Appointment, BSN Set-Up, Bank Account Set-Up


  • School Match Assistance

  • Removal of Goods

  • Short Stay Coordination


If you are ready to start the process of your relocation, let us know!

What Our Clients Say

Old Globe

Mickelle W.

Expat Help is an incredibly helpful and caring team of people who have been through the crazy ride of moving to a country that is not one's own. They made our move from the U.S. to Amsterdam with 3 children under 5 possible and made sure we were both physically settled as well as checked in from time to time that we were emotionally doing ok as well. Love their approach, and would definitely hire them again.


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