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How to buy a house in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is ranked as the top 10 country to live and work in 2021. In the last years, a record number of foreign companies have moved to the Netherlands. Are you planning to relocate to the Netherlands? Mister Mortgage discusses home financing options in the Netherlands.

Should I buy or rent a property? Before moving to the Netherlands, it is essential to decide whether you want to rent out or buy a home. The answer depends on your needs and preferences. For example, renting a home can be a good and quick solution for the short term, while buying is an excellent long-term solution. How much can I borrow in the Netherlands? The unique Dutch system allows you to borrow 100% of the loan to value (LTV). For example, you can get a mortgage of € 600.000 if the property value (LTV) is € 600.000. Mister Mortgage offers a free tailored made mortgage report. How does it work? We schedule a short call to learn about your wishes in the Netherlands. We invite you to our online mortgage portal to upload few documents for mortgage calculations. Free of charge and no further obligations. How much savings do I need to close a mortgage? When buying a property in the Netherlands, you can get a 100% loan to value. To close a mortgage with a mortgage lender, you need to have savings. Closing fees in the Netherlands:

  1. You pay 2% of the property transfer tax to the Dutch tax authorities.

  2. A real estate agent fees ( if applicable).

  3. Valuation report.

  4. Notary fees.

  5. Translator.

  6. National mortgage guarantee (NHG) ( if applicable).

  7. Mortgage advisory and brokerage fee.

Mortgage closing fees are tax-deductible in the Netherlands. What documents are required to apply for a mortgage in the Netherlands?

  1. Copy of passport.

  2. Resident permit (if applicable).

  3. Recent salary slip.

  4. Contract of employment.

  5. Confirmation letter of 30% ruling (if applicable).

  6. Overview of assets/savings.

  7. Overview of credits/loans

Can I get a mortgage if I relocate to the Netherlands? To apply for a Dutch mortgage, you must have a BSN number (citizen service number). You can arrange a BSN number at the local municipality (Gemeente) you plan to settle in. However, there are agencies in the Netherlands, such as Expat Help who can help you with the process of relocating, including applying for a BSN number.’ 6 steps to become a homeowner in the Netherlands Mortgage calculations Before you start looking for the right home, you need to know much mortgage you can afford. Schedule a call with the Mister Mortgage team to understand how much you can borrow in the Netherlands. Time to look for a home As soon as you know how much you can borrow, it is time to start looking for a dream home. Find a real estate agent. To win a bid in the competitive housing market, we recommend you working with a real estate agent. A real estate agent assists you in assessing any technical or legal issues and helps you place a bid on a property. Offer accepted When your bid is accepted, it is time to collect documents for a mortgage application. It usually takes from three to six weeks to arrange a mortgage. Mister Mortgage works with more than 30 mortgage lenders, while banks represent only themselves. Mortgage application We submit your mortgage application. The moment your mortgage is approved, we arrange the bank guarantee and insurances. Notary It is time to prepare for the date of transferring ownership and collect your keys. Your notary sends you a statement with the closing fees. Closing fees are tax-deductible in the Netherlands. You can submit a tax return from the previous year in which the expenses are incurred. Moving away from the Netherlands Do you have a residential mortgage and plan to move away from the Netherlands? Then, you have few options:

  1. You can sell your home and repay your mortgage.

  2. You can refinance your residential mortgage to a buy-to-let mortgage. In this case, you can rent your home.

  3. If you move away for a fixed term because your employer is relocating you for no longer than two years, you can ask your mortgage lender permission to rent your property out.

Mister Mortgage offers financial advice for first-time homebuyers, buy to let, refinance, and mortgages over a million. We believe in transparency, integrity, and growth for a bright future.


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