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The World Happiness Report 2021 ranks the Netherlands in global top five

As an international newcomer, you are exploring your options where to live. Everyone has different needs and wishes. Whether you’re travelling alone, or as a family, you want to find a spot that suits you. When moving to the Netherlands for a job, it is perhaps most obvious to look in Amsterdam, but have you met its neighbour Amstelveen yet? Let us introduce you to Amstelveen!

1. Next to Amsterdam, without the crowds!

Amstelveen has a very convenient position, between Amsterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. But where every citizen of Amsterdam accurses the traffic jams and chaos on the streets, Amstelveen residents can sigh relieved when they want to get out and about. Amstelveen has access to several main roads, has ample parking space without the sky-high parking fees and has a good connection to Amsterdam (Zuidas).

2. Parks and recreation

Another reason why living in Amstelveen is pleasant, is the proximity of nature. The ‘Amsterdamse Bos’ is a lush park that is three times the size of Central Park! It has been designed in English landscape style, with natural looking water features, sloping lawns and height differences that recreate an idyllic natural landscape. This makes Amsterdamse Bos a great destination for all kinds of recreation, from canoeing to picnicking!

3. International schools

With a shortage of spots at international schools in Amsterdam, Amstelveen might be the answer you’re looking for. Amstelveen is home to three international schools: Amity International School, The International School of Amsterdam and Florencius International School. So, for families with kids, Amstelveen is a very good option!

4. Thriving international communities

Did you know Amstelveen has more international residents than Amsterdam? According to the statistics (source:, Dutch residents are followed by Indian, Japanese and British residents. Amstelveen makes sure to make everyone feel at home, for instance by organizing events in order to get to know each other. Finally, sport is always a unifying factor and there are plenty of great sports in Amstelveen for expats to join and socialize with each other, such as cricket, rugby and American baseball.

5. Amstelveen's many facilities

You don't necessarily have to go to Amsterdam for most facilities either. Amstelveen has everything you need such as a hospital, sports facilities, restaurants and shops. The large shopping centre ‘Stadshart Amstelveen’ is a true fashion haven with many luxury boutiques. For your daily shopping you can visit the local supermarkets, but there is also plenty of choice for expats who want to get a taste of home with specialty shops.

Temporary housing in Amstelveen

When arriving in a new country, it’s important to feel at home even when you’re away from home. Htel Serviced Apartments was the first serviced apartments provider in the Netherlands and has nearly 20 years of experience. Situated in a green and residential neighborhood in Amstelveen, close to Amsterdamse Bos, Htel Serviced Apartments has everything you need to feel at home. The fully furnished apartments are equipped with everything you need to start off comfortably. No need to think about settling contracts for gas, electricity or internet – it’s already there! Just unpack, make yourself at home and explore the in-house gym, business centre, pool and sauna. Read more about Htel Serviced Apartments on their website.

Htel Serviced Apartments

Laan van de Helende Meesters 421

1186 AL Amstelveen


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